Day Eight: Ode to the NYPL, and some self-deprecation

Eleven days without Internet in my room. I don’t think the New York Public Library understands that by closing at 6 p.m. on Mondays, it’s depriving me of some serious Internet usage. But… Continue reading

Day Six and Day Seven: The homesickness of being Internetless, and the likely psychological ramifications

Twelve days without Internet in my room. I apologize for not posting yesterday. I was out on Long Island and in a home where Internet access is aplenty, so posting was both a)… Continue reading

Day Five: An early posting in preparation for my first jaunt outside Manhattan (and to Long Island)

I seem to have made a mistake somewhere. According to the countdown, I should have fifteen days without Internet in my room left to go. But I move out two weeks from today.… Continue reading

Day Four: Proof that Happiness is boring, kind of

Sixteen days without Internet in my room. Remember, dear friends, when on day 2 I said I feared from what would come the days I had off from work? I thought the absence… Continue reading

Day Three: A hopefully not too brief reprieve from my Internetless self pitying, and I’m fairly sure everyone around can hear me listening to taylor swift right now

Seventeen days without Internet in my room. Easily my favorite day so far. It was also my most Internetless, which is weird. I hadn’t been online at all until right now (10:30 p.m.),… Continue reading

Glory, Glory, Man Unit….CITY?!

Alright, I need to get this off my chest early: I did not watch the Manchester City v. Queens Park Rangers match live. I know, I know. Get your insults and bashes in… Continue reading

Who had the biggest dick?

Before I begin, I want to let you know that this is a piece we want to post every few weeks or so. This will be an article about who had the “biggest… Continue reading

Day Two: Creature of Habit

Eighteen days without Internet in my room. I’m adjusting slightly, but only slightly. I still compulsively and mindlessly attempt to get on the Internet in my room, and each time I end up… Continue reading

Day One: A modern (and slightly exaggerated) reimagining of Walden

Nineteen days without Internet in my room. This is my burden: taking the elevator down from the 13th floor each evening until June 1st to the lobby to use the Internet. Because there… Continue reading