Day Twelve: The Acquisition of a library card, and paying $13 for a movie

Seven days without Internet in my room. One week left. I can see the end from here. Light at the end of the tunnel, hope springs eternal. It’s hard not getting ahead of… Continue reading

Jeff Gordon: An Answer for any Question

Who is Jeff Gordon? Why is he so much better at Mario cart even after a casual frisbee sit? Well dumbasses, the answer is he’s a professional NASCAR driver who used to be… Continue reading

Day Eleven: Laundry Day (The deep breath before the plunge)

Eight days without Internet in my room. It’s the beginning of my long weekend. I have May 24 (Thursday) through May 28 (Monday) off. I really hope I do not run out of… Continue reading

Everyone needs to relax about Cole Hamels hitting Bryce Harper

Tonight is (most likely “was” by the time this gets posted) the rematch between Cole Hamels and Bryce Harper. Its been all over ESPN: “What to expect tonight?” “what do you think is… Continue reading

Day Ten: Almost not getting into Fallon, but then getting in and being kinda weirded out

Nine days without Internet in my room. We’re past the halfway mark – redwine, success! I’m beginning to think I may just make it out of this alive. But I don’t want to… Continue reading

Who had the biggest dick? (May 23, 2012)

Because if there’s one thing the Internet needs, it’s another blog post about Dan Harmon leaving Community. On May 18, 2012 Sony Pictures confirmed that Dan Harmon would not return as showrunner for… Continue reading

Did the Blues Deserve to Win?

The deck seemed to be stacked against Roberto Di Matteo’s Chelsea before either squad stepped onto the pitch.  The “neutral” site at which the Champions League final was to take place just happened… Continue reading

Day Nine: The Five Stages of Internetlessness

Ten days without Internet in my room. I’m almost halfway done living in this building and now I’ve reached the bargaining stage of grief. According to the Kubler-Ross model, the stages of grief… Continue reading

A Morning at Grover’s

Something immediately struck me the second I walked into Grover’s Bar & Grill in East Amherst, New York.  It wasn’t some abstract sense of history that accompanies stepping into the former hunting lodge… Continue reading

Rick Santorum: Unjust and Untouched

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has recently said that, if elected, he will “vigorously enforce” the porn industry. Before getting into how detrimental this would be to college males 1-2, maybe 3 times a… Continue reading