Show Mike Trout Some Love

I meant to write this article some time ago, however I just sort of went on living my life, so it may seem irrelevant at this late stage.  Or, even likelier, no one… Continue reading

Day nineteen: If you need someone to go 19 days without Internet in his room, I’m your guy

It’s over. I’m posting this from my new room. It has Internet. A faster connection than was in the lobby of the Y. This Internet is NYPL-good. It also has a bigger bed,… Continue reading

Why T.O. in the B-Lo 2.0 might not be so bad

I apologize to all the readers I don’t have that I havent posted in a while. Ive been busying going wild over here on the west coast. Seattle is a baller city just… Continue reading

Day Eighteen: Acceptance (I told you so)

One day without Internet in my room. This is it. I remember looking at the calendar on my phone on that Sunday I moved in here at this date and nearly crying at… Continue reading

Day Seventeen: I’m getting serious vibes from this lady licking her lips at the library

Two days without Internet in my room. As much as I can’t wait to move out of the 63rd st. Y and to a room with Internet, I am going to miss one… Continue reading

Drug Use and Intelligence…

I’m sure some of you have heard once or twice before that studies have shown that people with higher IQ’s are actually more likely to abuse drugs. What’s that shit? You’re telling me… Continue reading

Day Sixteen: A collection of undeveloped thoughts from the day (ft. Justin Bieber)

Three days without Internet in my room. My brain has been all over the place lately. This post will reflect that. This is pretty unoriginal, bordering on a cliché, but I don’t care:… Continue reading

Day Fifteen: Last week at the Y

Four days without Internet in my room. Every so often a new network will appear when I try to access in WIFI in my room (yes, I still try every day, even though… Continue reading

Day Fourteen: Things are going downhill fast, apparently (another obligatory post)

Five Days without Internet in my room. We’re getting dangerously close to the end. The past couple days, I’ve caught glimpses inside other rooms on my floor, and I’ve seen a couple with… Continue reading

Day Thirteen: Obligatory post with no real content (we all knew this was coming)

Six days without Internet in my room. Today, I think was my most Internetless day since I’ve been here. I was on for a total of 20 minutes in the morning, and that’s… Continue reading