The end of JAM: why Jim Halpert needs to be a murderer

There is only one way to save The Office before it ends on May 16.

Jim needs to kill Pam.

The relationship and the show have become too complacent in their domesticity. The show’s writers realize this – they realize something needs to be done before the series ends for good. They need to give viewers some reason to care about the last four seasons so they can sell all those complete series box sets of DVDs.

So they’re having Jim and Pam get divorced. It’s cute, really. They think by throwing in some long-distance relationship tension and a handsome boom mic operator who materialized out of thin air, they can make the JAM relationship interesting again.

It’s far too late for that. A JAM divorce adds drama and intrigue around season six, maybe. But at season nine, things have gone way past the point where a divorce can save the show. Drastic times, drastic measures.

Jim needs to end the show a murderer. The last scene of the entire series needs to be him standing over Pam’s dead body. That is the only way to fix The Office. That is the only way to make people care again.

Think about it. The entire series changes with that one scene. It gives everyone a reason to watch, and rewatch the show, figuring out exactly how Jim descended into domestic homicide. If I had it my way, it would turn out Jim has been a secret murder the entire time, he’s the real Scranton Strangler. That would be the greatest sitcom reveal of all time. But I realize that’s a lot to ask for. So I’m just asking for one murder. He needs to murder Pam. As much as used to love JAM, their love needs to be a tragic love. It puts The Office on par with Romeo and Juliet.

Remember when Pam falls asleep on Jim’s shoulder during a conference meeting? Think about that scene knowing he’s going to end up killing her.

Remember when Pam drunkenly kisses Jim for the first time at the Dundies? Think about that scene knowing he’s going to end up killing her.

Remember when he confesses his love in Casino Night? Remember how heart broken he was? Think about how heart broken he was knowing he’s going to end up killing her.

Remember when Jim finally dumps Karen and asks Pam out? Remember “what was the question?” That look Pam gives at the end of season three? Think about that look knowing Jim is going to kill her.

It's so beautiful, but it's even more beautiful knowing he's going to kill her

It’s so beautiful, but it’s even more beautiful knowing he’s going to kill her

In order to save The Office, Pam needs to die. A martyr for the show, for love.

So please, writers of The Office, make Jim Halpert a murderer.