Which would you rather have?

The other day on Facebook, Sportscenter asked if you could bid on one item which would you, between the Lombardi Trophy, Cy Young Trophy and New York Giants Superbowl ring. This sparked some debate between friends about what we would pick which inspired this post. It was hard to make this list because it could have been endless or very finite. I included some specific trophies that carry weight on their own (ie Lombari Trophy, Stanley cup) and others that are more for the aesthetic pleasure (ie Ring, Belt). I also included only professional sport trophies, minus the Heisman which might be the most valuable on the list. So with the options there is some ambiguity but to make up for it, I allow each viewer 3 votes. Personally, I would pick a Ring, the Belt and the Masters jacket. Something about having something you physically wear to represent your victory than a hunk of metal collecting dust on the shelf.

Have at it. Go Bills.

– Joe Leathersich

EDIT: I would exchange the ring or belt for an Olympic Gold medal. Haven’t decided which yet. Updates forthcoming.