Where is the USA pride?

As most of the world knows, Spain was crowned the UEFA Euro 2012 champion. This makes them the first team to win 3 major soccer championships in a row: the 2008 Euro, 2010 World Cup, and now the 2012 Euro. They played outstanding today picking apart the Italians like a Varsity team against the JV squad.

I didn’t really care who won but I am glad that Spain came out on top. Not because they deserve it more or I would like them to gain the feat of 3 in a row, but because I would have had to endure the social media implosion of Italian pride. Before I go any further, I want it to be known that I have nothing against the Italians at all, or any nation/race/gender/color. My issue is this: where is the USA pride?

The tournament began on June 8 and I had some interest but not much. It was interesting to me to see arguably the best talent in the world going head-to-head with each match. As the tournament progressed, I began to see more and more posts on Facebook and Twitter saying “FORZA AZZURRI!!” and “FORZA ITALIA!” At first I had no idea what they meant but that was nothing a quick Google search didn’t solve.

I was baffled to see that these people, born and raised citizens of the USA so passionately behind a team they had no connection with. The more I read the more I was confused. Were these people serious?  Kicking and punching themselves over a team of a  different country? You are born and raised American; you owe your life to this country. If you were to go to these countries that you say you’re apart of (i.e. I’m German, I’m French), what would you say when someone says, “What nationality are you?” You would say “I’m American.” They would laugh at you if you tried to explain to them how you are part this nationality and part that nationality. God forbid we get in another war with Europe because we would have some serious nationality identity issues. Alright that’s dramatic but I gotta point out the hypocrisy.

I just absolutely don’t understand how someone can root for a country as if it’s their own. My brain has never even had a thought about rooting for a different country. If someone were to ask me who do I want to win (insert any international tournament), I would give them a confused look. Obviously the US. Duh.  Its frustrating at times, rooting for the US, but that’s sports. Watching Andy Roddick makes me want to rip my eyeballs out sometimes. I am going to have a conniption before Tiger Woods wins another major. And yea we’re not as good as soccer but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on them (watch out for the 2014 world cup. Lando and the boys are gonna do some incredible things).

All I gotta say is thank the lord that Italy didn’t win or else all social media may have erupted. Spain won the match after a very deserving effort.

Well the Olympics are around the corner and we all know who I’ll be rooting for. Because that’s where I’m from. Because that’s who I’m obligated to root for. However, I am interested to see how many people will make the switch back to cheering on our Yankees. I’ll be scouring my news feed and time line for you hypocrites but will ultimately be happy that you made the right decision. Just know that I’ll be judging you.

– Joe Leathersich