Why T.O. in the B-Lo 2.0 might not be so bad

I apologize to all the readers I don’t have that I havent posted in a while. Ive been busying going wild over here on the west coast. Seattle is a baller city just so you know.

This is a completely hypothetical scenario but give it a shot. Alright so if you haven’t heard, Terrell Owens is out a job after, get this, skipping a scheduled event at a children’s hospital. He had a pretty good thing going for him with the Allen Wranglers of the IFL. He had 50% ownership of the team and was given a house to live in during the season. His team was boasting a 6-5 record but at least he had a job to pay his child care bills (no pun intended. go bills.).

Alright, just hear me out. I realize he has proved time and time again that he is horrible off the field which is why I know this scenario would never, ever happen in a million years, or even longer, Ralph Wilson’s lifetime. But think about it, there is no clear number 2 on the Bills offense. David Nelson was number 2 statistically last year but the position is still anyone’s to grab. T.J. Graham, the 3rd round head-scratcher pick, likely wont make any impact this year, if at all from the line of scrimmage. Marcus Easley makes his return this year and says he is feeling good but its not probable he will do anything to significantly help the offense.

Cue T.O. He wasn’t incredible that year but his numbers aren’t bad at all. 829 yards in 55 receptions with 5 TDs. Remember this play?  The Bills need this deep threat to take defenders away from Stevie Johnson and someone the Amish Rifle can sling the football to. He has the potential to do this. He also is not in any position to turn down any NFL job, or any type of job for that matter, so he would be sure to sign. And he wants to play in the NFL again. Proof: last years workout he announced that no one showed up for. Literally. Essentially, he could come in and be able to fill a vital need the Bills are looking for a good price.

I realize this will never happen, and I might get a ton of shit for thinking of this (granted another human being sees this article) but it just doesn’t seem that bad when you really think about it. Off the field is a different situation; he has temperament issues and brings unwanted attention to teams but he was fairly behaved in Buffalo from what I remember so whats to say he won’t be like that again? On the field, I think this really could work and help spread the opponents defense in a way to help out the Bills offense. The Bills have been making smart moves (minus questionable moves with the T.J. Graham pick and cutting Drayton Florence) so I know that Buddy and/or Chan would probably turn down this kind of, hypothetical, of course, opportunity but its just something I have thought about.

In typical Buffalo fashion, I think this is the year for the Bills. They have made smart moves and are improving in all the areas that need improving. The defense has made a jump from worst to first (if not, damn near it then) and will keep the Bills in games. The one condition for the season is that they need to stay healthy. If they can do that, there is serious potential for them to do some damage. Remember: Nobody circles the wagons…

Go Bills.

– Joe Leathersich