Day Sixteen: A collection of undeveloped thoughts from the day (ft. Justin Bieber)

Three days without Internet in my room.

My brain has been all over the place lately. This post will reflect that.

This is pretty unoriginal, bordering on a cliché, but I don’t care:

After being here for sixteen days, my impression of Manhattan can be summed up in the two meals I ate today:

Lunch – 2 bros pizza, two slices of pepperoni for $3

Dinner – Whole Foods, chicken and spinach lasagna with macaroni and cheese and broccoli for $9.79

I’m not going to explain much further, because it’s pretty straightforward. NYC is either the greasy/cheap/eatasfastasyoucan pizza or the “healthy”/overpriced/tryingtobewegmansbutclearlyisn’t Whole Foods meal. I’m glad I experience both. And to be honest, I’m not sure which I like better.

I encounter a lot of tourists taking photos. When I first got down here, I was conscientious and tried to avoid getting in their way. But slowly I began to care less and less. Now I try to get in their pictures. I wonder how many I’ve “accidently” been snapped in. I hope a lot. The bounty is especially plentiful outside the NYPL, which I happen to frequent regularly. I wonder if this is a sign I’m moving away from “visitor.” When I set myself not only separate from the tourists, but actively against them. Or maybe I’m just a dick.

I think I saw blood in the Bryant Park subway station today. It looked thick.

Someone is fucking with me. I came back to my room from work, and a television set is mounted on the wall. Three days before I move out, and a TV appears out of nowhere. What the fuck is that? It really seems unfair. Someone is mocking me. But I was very excited to watch Jeopardy for the first time in weeks. And then I discovered Jeopardy airs at 7:00 here, not 7:30. PISSED.

The new Justin Beiber song is amazing. “Boyfriend” was awesome, but “Die in your arms” is even better. It’s completely different, too. I have a feeling I’m going to love his new album. #belieber

-Ben Cosman