Day Fifteen: Last week at the Y

Four days without Internet in my room.

Every so often a new network will appear when I try to access in WIFI in my room (yes, I still try every day, even though I’ve been here more than two weeks). Ninety percent of the time, these networks are locked and the passwords I guess do not work. Apparently other people don’t use Seinfeld references as their passwords. Or maybe they do, but these networks belong to the foreign individuals on my floor, and I just don’t know how to say “Marine Biologist” in German.

A new network has appeared, however, that is not password protected. But it doesn’t work, either. It’s not a normal network, I don’t think. When I connect to it, my airport status is different from what it usually looks like when I’m connected to the Internet, and nothing loads in my browser. So close, but still no cigar.

After two days on Long Island, I’m set to begin my final week here at the 63rd Street Y. I don’t know if I’ll miss it. Being my first “room” in Manhattan, I suppose there will be some nostalgia attached, but really, I don’t have Internet in my room so there won’t be a whole lot of love lost. I won’t miss spending multiple hours at a time in that lobby filled with a low-budget version of the U.N.

I was down there Saturday morning, minding my own business, when three twenty-something Russian girls ambushed me and asked me if I could translate their macbook for them. I never figured out exactly what they meant, though, because when I went to look at it, the computer was already in Russian, and I couldn’t read a thing. So I just told them to click on the apple in the top left corner, and fiddle around with it. Then I quickly went back upstairs in my room to hide and watch a movie.

Also the lights in my room are motion-censored and when I’m in here I’m not exactly doing calisthenics so I’ll be lying on my bed either writing or watching a DVD and the light will shutoff every few minutes, forcing me to lean over and wave my arm frantically until they turn back on. If only I could wave my arm wildly and turn the Internet on. That’d be a dream come true.

The last couple posts have been boring. I apologize. It seems my Internetless condition has actually forced me to find other things to occupy my time, so I’m not just lying on my bed crying and thinking of what I’ll write about that evening. Don’t worry though, once these nineteen days are up (Friday!) I’ll start writing about real things that maybe a few people might care about, instead of writing these countdown posts that don’t mean a thing to anyone but me.

I really have to thank my uncle for setting me up with places to live in the city for the summer. I’m going to write him a very very long thank you note. I might start that tomorrow.

-Ben Cosman