Day Thirteen: Obligatory post with no real content (we all knew this was coming)

Six days without Internet in my room.

Today, I think was my most Internetless day since I’ve been here. I was on for a total of 20 minutes in the morning, and that’s it. Which is why I’m technically posting this a day late (but it was written Saturday May, 26 so it counts). I was out of my building for most of the day. That’s what happens when I actually have people I know in Manhattan. Being with someone else in this city definitely makes the whole thing feel more “real,” like, yes I actually am living in New York City for the summer. And I have to keep remembering that it’s fucking cool.

It’s weird to think of a part of Manhattan as my “neighborhood,” especially because I’ve only been here 13 days, but I do. Today marks the lowest I’ve been in the city – somewhere around 1st Avenue and 14th Street – and it was quite different than what I’m used to. The first twelve days I was here, I pretty much stuck to midtown. I would venture around the area in which I work – 5th Ave and 42nd Street – and the Columbus Circle area, where I live. It’s kind of a shame that now that I’ve starting to thinking of C.C. as where I live, I’m moving out in a week, 30 blocks uptown. But then I remember I’m moving to a building with WIFI in the rooms, and I say, “see you later, C.C.”

I don’t really have anything to say for this blog post. No topic. This is more of an obligatory post because I said I’d post one for every day I’m here, so I gotta post something.

I really enjoyed taking the L train on the subway. It’s my favorite train I’ve taken so far.

This is a reminder that Parks and Rec Season 3 might be the greatest TV comedy season of all time. It’s definitely top 5. Up there with The Office season 2.

I’m really starting to miss Jeopardy!

Oh, and I found this the other day:


-Ben Cosman