Day Twelve: The Acquisition of a library card, and paying $13 for a movie

Seven days without Internet in my room.

One week left. I can see the end from here. Light at the end of the tunnel, hope springs eternal. It’s hard not getting ahead of myself, but knowing I only have seven days left in this Internetless circle of hell has me all kinds of excited. Four of those days are a long weekend, and I’ve finally got friends with me in the city. And then the next three are workdays. So this final week might go sort of fast. Holy shit, I’m getting a boner just thinking about it.

Remember when I said I didn’t know where the books were in the NYPL? Well, I found them. They aren’t in the building I usually go to. Because, last night when I went to the NYPL for some late night Internet usage (not really late night, it was 6:30), the place was closed. At first I was pissed I wasn’t going to be able to spend the next hour in the soon-to-be-named Ben Cosman Experience room. But then I made a discovery:

There’s another NYPL building across the street and down a block. And this one is a typical library. It has shelves full of books and librarians and people reading and everything that I love about libraries. And it has WIFI. I’m pretty sure it’s open until 11:00 p.m. every night, too. I really love the NYPL. Everything about it. I owe it so much. Apparently people get married at the NYPL sometimes, or at least it’s kind of a thing, I guess. If the NYPL keeps this up, I’m going to have to get married there myself. It’s quickly becoming a very important part of my life.

Today I went back to that NYPL2 and signed up for a library card. I ended up browsing the shelves for about an hour and a half. This was after I had already spent about two hours in the Ben Cosman Experience room in NYPL1.

Unfortunately, the library – both branches – is closed tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. Damn holiday weekend. How am I supposed to get my fast WIFI connection? Why would the NYPL leave me now, when we’re so close to the end? This last weekend is when I need it most.

I walked something like 50 blocks today. I also find myself wondering at what point am I indoctrinated into Manhattan? Being here for the summer puts be somewhere between tourist and permanent resident, but when do I make the transition from simple visitor? There are a couple things that I feel point toward that direction. A.) Booking it down Madison Avenue and down 33rd street last week to Penn Station to catch a train to Long Island for the weekend. B.) Walking down Fifth Avenue today from the library back to my building and getting annoyed with the onslaught of picture-taking tourists who walk really fucking slow.

I also really appreciate New York being the city that it is, because it means I get to see Moonrise Kingdom the day it comes out, instead of a month later like if I was still in Rochester. I won’t say anything more about it, though, because I promised dear Davey Wilcox that I wouldn’t spoil anything for him. I also think this was the first movie I saw in theaters by myself since Agent Cody Banks. With Frankie Muniz, who isn’t a real person anymore, so it’s been quite a while. But I enjoyed it. The theater was packed so I didn’t feel awkward sitting between two couples (maybe I should have, oh well) and then I walked to Lincoln Center and sat at the fountain for a bit. I still love that. So I guess in that sense I’m still a tourist.

Apparently my parents saw me from the back on Fallon. Humble beginnings. I’ll be famous one day.

On my walk back from the movies and Lincoln Center, a homeless man offered me money for a cigarette. I don’t know what that means, a homeless man offering me money, but I don’t think it’s good.

-Ben Cosman