Day Four: Proof that Happiness is boring, kind of

Sixteen days without Internet in my room.

Remember, dear friends, when on day 2 I said I feared from what would come the days I had off from work? I thought the absence of a schedule/routine would render me eternally hopeless and morose. I was wrong.

Today – my first full day off in Manhattan – was the tops.

I spent four hours walking around Central Park. The first couple hours were spent trying to find the zoo. I started by walking the complete opposite direction from the zoo, but I got to walk around the lake and then I sat down on one of the big open spaces and it was quite nice, really. I left my building at 10 and didn’t find the zoo until 1. Around noon I was sitting on a bench in a band started playing music. It was pretty good. I’m a sucker for stand-up bass. But I didn’t give them any money, because I’m a dick.

The zoo itself was all right. It was pretty small, but that’s too be expected considering its in Central Park and Manhattan and all. I did feel a bit creepy, though, up at the glass of the exhibits surrounded by children and their parents. But whatever. I got to see penguins and I don’t give a fuck. Also, this guy and I shared a moment:

I came back from walking around CP to find every room on floor 13 had the door handles and locks ripped off. Apparently they are/were replacing all the locks. It was a bit unsettling the hour or so they were working on my door while I was in there, the installation guys coming in and out of my room, taking a drill to my door, all while I was trying to eat lunch and watch Happy Endings. But they were done by 5. So I took a nap. And it was a good nap.

From 8 – 9:30 I went back to Lincoln Center and just sort of watched the people. It might be my favorite spot I’ve found in the city so far. Really awesome. Then I went to Whole Foods on my way back and bought some banana walnut bread.

This blog post is pretty boring. I apologize. I’m pretty tired even though it’s only 11:00 p.m. But there’s also not really anything to complain about. My first day off was a good one. Tomorrow will be good too, I think.

So the point is, I’m doing OK without Internet in my room. But I still can’t fucking wait for June 1.

Final note: I have not showered since Tuesday evening.