Day Five: An early posting in preparation for my first jaunt outside Manhattan (and to Long Island)

I seem to have made a mistake somewhere. According to the countdown, I should have fifteen days without Internet in my room left to go. But I move out two weeks from today.

So fifteen/fourteen days in my room without Internet.

Living in this building is just like living in a dorm building – except most of the other inhabitants don’t speak English and I can see Central Park from my window. It’s not so bad. I did dorm living for two years. I can do this for two more weeks. If only I had that damned Internet in my room.

I made a discovery yesterday. What I had originally taken for a phone jack on my first scouring of the room for any possibility of an Internet connection is, in fact, an Ethernet jack. But it doesn’t work. Of course. I went down to the desk, praying to myself, to ask them if I bought my own Ethernet cable I’d be able to connect to the Internet in my room. They seemed to take pleasure in telling me that it would not work. Bastards.

I also had multiple dreams last night that people were trying to get into my room to rob/murder me. I don’t know if it’s because I can always hear people trying to get into the bathrooms across the hall from me, and the sound of them shaking the door handles makes me think they’re trying to get into my room, but the dreams are vivid and violent and they’re freaking me out. I hope this isn’t some premonition type thing, because I’d really like to live out the summer. Also, if I were to be killed and the murderers were to leave me in the room and put the “do not disturb” sign on the outside of the door, it’d be a long while before anyone found me. It’s not like people would notice I’m not online – seeing as how I don’t have Internet here anyway – and my work doesn’t know where I live so they’d probably just think I flaked out or something. My parents don’t call a whole lot so it’d be a while before they’d realize something was up, and who knows about anyone else. So it would really be inconvenient if I were to die in this room. Maybe I shouldn’t think about that. I’m probably going to have worse dreams tonight.

I’ve been watching a lot of TV episodes on DVD lately, and I’ve noticed something. The two shows I’ve watched while I’ve been here are Happy Endings and Boy Meets World. I’ve loved BMW forever, and I’ve just started getting into Happy Endings. But I’ve noticed a difference between the two. For some reason, when I watch BMW I get lonely, and watching Happy Endings makes me feel OK with being alone here. I don’t know why. Maybe because BMW is about families and growing up and all that stuff, and it just sort of emphasizes my own being away from family, home, etc. But Happy Endings is about a group of friends, and I’m not really with my friends either, but it doesn’t seem to highlight the fact of my isolation the way BMW does. So I tend to watch Happy Endings at night when I could use a pick me up, and BMW during the day when things don’t seem too bad. I also wonder if it has something to do with the time period of the sitcoms – BMW from the 90s and Happy Endings still airing now – or if it’s just a matter of content. Are sitcoms fundamentally different now than they were 15 years ago? I don’t know. Maybe. Probably.

There’s another thing I haven’t talked about yet. The whole having no Internet thing kind of overshadowed this, but I should make it known I don’t have a television either. I miss Jeopardy! dearly. Thankfully it’s some stupid theme week for Washington D.C. or something, so I’m not missing much, but I have two vices: Jeopardy and Wegmans bottled water, and I can’t get either of those things here. I’ve been drinking out of a reusable water bottle. What the hell is New York doing to me?

The banana walnut bread I bought yesterday is delicious.

I keep thinking I see famous people when I’m out. So far: Jay-Z, Chuck Klosterman, the guy who plays Dennis on It’s Always Sunny.  I wonder if/when that’ll stop.

It probably won’t.

-Ben Cosman